Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Conference: Open Source Geoinformatics 2006

Free and open source software Geoinformatics 2006

If you attended (or wish you had) the MapServer/Open Source conference in June '05 in Minneapolis - you should bookmark the website of next year's conference.

Yes, the name of the conference changes every year. Be that as it may - it is THE GIS conference to attend.

The conference for 2006 will be held in Switzerland (Sep 2006). The primary focus of next year's conference will include MapServer, EOGEO, and now GRASS.

If you work in the GIS field you should take note of this conference and make every effort to attend. From what I saw and learned from this year's conference, I would encourage you to put this at the top of your list (far above the ESRI conference). The topics covered, shear volume of ideas, and networking opportunities make this is a great event.

I hope to see all you GIS nerds at next year's conference!


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