Sunday, June 05, 2005

Firefox Help, Tips and Tricks

Firefox Help, Tips and Tricks: Sample:
"Smart Keywords
The scenerio: you use Google, Internet Movie Database, or even your corporate phone book to find things. Wouldn't it be handy if you could just open your browser and use a short cut to search? Try this:

* Go to the page that has the search box on it, right click in the search box and choose 'Add a Keyword for this Search...'
* In the 'Add Bookmark' dialog that appears enter a name and a short 'keyword' and save the Bookmark...
So, for Merriam-Webseter Online ( you'd right click in the search box, enter a keyword you'll remember like mw and save the bookmark.
Now you can type 'mw frogs' in the URL field of your browser and you'll be taken to the Merriam-Webster site to see the results of your search. You won't want to live with out it!
Note: This works with Google Desktop Search too! I have a shortcut called GDS that I use for a quick search of my desktop."


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