Friday, July 01, 2005

$100 PC - 6 hour CompUSA Sale - Don't take the bait! - Midnight Madness

This is such a shill. Ish...this sale makes me feel all dirty and violated...(expect similar desparation like this in the future from such retailers)

CompUSA is having a midnight madness sale friday, July 1 from 6pm-midnight. During the 10-11 hour they've got an eMachines E3882 for $99.99. 2.8ghz celeron, 256mb RAM, 80gb HD, CD-RW/DVD Combo.

OK - yes, this is a good deal - but I have a few BIG reservations about even blogging this "deal":
- The $100 PC is AFTER a fricken $270 rebate...damn rebates suck. (How does it take 2+ months to get a rebate? what a scam...companies should be charged late fees if you don't get your rebate in 2 weeks or less...)
- "Postage and sales tax required for mail-in rebates" - What does THAT mean? Sounds like a scam to disqualify most folks from getting their rebates.
- My guess is they have about 10 of the $100 computers at each store...of course the employees will have bought or hidden all of those for themselves, and everyone who trampled over their mothers to get one will end up buying the expensive crap they didn't want.
- It's a viral marketing gimmick to get people in the store and folks talking on the web...(folks like me )

Notice the disclaimer on their site and you'll see why I am so sceptical:
"*Not available via mail order. Offers may not be combined with any other offer. Quantities limited to stock on hand. No special orders. No rainchecks except in Connecticut, Michigan and Ohio. Free offers after rebate are not available in Michigan. Prices are not valid in Connecticut or Puerto Rico. See store for details. •Actual speed and capacity may vary. *Quantities limited. 1 per household. Not available via mail order. Postage and sales tax required for mail-in rebates."

If this isn't the most obvious, lamest scam sale ever! Ok - forget it - DON'T PARTICIPATE IN THIS SALE unless you live in CT, MI, or OH (where rainchecks are allowed). It will only encourage the company to delve deaper into the pits of rebate and hour sale hell.

Actually - don't bother if you are in CT, the prices aren't valid in CT...hah.


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