Friday, July 08, 2005

Cancelling my Wired Mag Subscription

Wired subscriber gets a jolt

After reading this astonishing article about Wired magazine's unethical renewal policies...I will cancel my subscription tomorrow.

Honestly, I've only had the subscription for a couple months and it is a pretty crappy mag/rag. There is scant content, 3/4 of it's pages are ads, and it is just plain is boring.

With that said - I wasn't in a rush to waste my time and cancel my subscription. However, with the news regarding how they surreptitiously auto-renew your subscriptions using mailings with fine print agreements, and then sick a bill collector on you for not going along with the con...well, that motivates me to pick up the phone.

So I guess I will find out how difficult they make it to cancel my subscription...and post the results here of course.


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