Tuesday, August 16, 2005

FCC Wants GPS Tracking of WiFi Phones

FCC wants to tap into wireless | Tech News on ZDNet

Now I'm not quite sure what to make of this move, but the FCC apparantly is looking into requiring GPS receivers in any Voice Over IP (VoIP) phones (internet phones). Is this necessary? Can't they simply stick with triangulation? Isn't the relative accuracy of triangulation comparable to GPS coordinates provided by a low-end receiver?

It is obvious that the public wants emergency services to be able to locate and get to a caller when there is trouble. But is GPS tracking the right approach?

My biggest concern with this type of use of GPS is that once implemented it isn't difficult to rationalize the next step, which would be to require that they be built into every new car.

How far away is it that their will be passive GPS tracking of cell phones, car and eventually most persons?


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