Saturday, August 06, 2005

Health Sec. Seeks Identity Chip Implants

RedNova News - Health - 'Health Chips' Could Help Patients in US

Now this is just perverse and insane (so only a matter of time before it becomes reality), but the former US health secretary, Tommy Thompson, wants to implant an identity chip into every American.

Thompson, is now a shill for the company manufacturing the chips and is intending on publishing a proposal for the implantion of America in the next couple of months.

I give it 5-10 years before this type of thing becomes a standard option. Here's how I see it playing out: The "save the children" call will rise up from a small segment number of parents - then it will move to the criminal justice system - then it will only be a natural argument to move to the general population. Oh, why not throw in GPS tracking while they are at it (i'm sure it's already on the drawing board).

We are borg...resistance is futile...


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