Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Recommended GIS Blog: Mapping Hacks

Mapping Hacks

The website for the book "Mapping Hacks", has a very nice GIS blog as it's homepage. It is updated frequently and has some of the most interesting and unique GIS links, which are hard to find anywhere else.

(I would recommend this book to any GIS, GPS, or just a frequent map user.)

For FireFox users, the blog is a little tricky to subscribe to (free and no registration required, of course) as you must do it manually (bummer - but worth the 1 minute effort).

Manual Instructions on creating a "Live Bookmark" to the blog in FireFox:
- FireFox
- Bookmarks (on the top toolbar, next to 'Tools')
- Manage Bookmarks
- File
- New Live Bookmark
- Enter the Name that you would like to give the bookmark (i.e. "Mapping Hacks Blog")
- Place the following in the 'Feed Location' box:
- Drag and drop the new Live Bookmark to wherever you want it in your bookmarks (somewhere in the 'Bookmarks Toolbar Folder' is always a convenient location for blog links)
- Close the Bookmarks Manager
- Your done - now you have immediate access to the most recent 30+ blog entries on the site


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