Thursday, September 22, 2005

Geovisualization of the 2004 US Election

Geovisualization of the 2004 Election

Download the 2004 US Presidential election results (by county) and/or a custom viewer for graphical/cartographic analysis of the results. The viewer/analysis toolkit is really well done and excellent for election results.

(It's nice to see that someone else is as nutty about this kind of data as I am and graciously compiled all the data from the hundred or so sources.)

Doesn't anyone else think it is odd that there isn't a central/federal repository for downloadable election data as it becomes available? Minnesota posts election results as they come in on the night of the election in downloadable (updated every 15 minutes). That means any user can get the same data at the same time or faster than any reporter. (I suppose you have to be a nerd to care)


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