Saturday, November 12, 2005

OpenOffice Training Videos - Free

NewsForge | NewsForge presents free training videos:

A new series of OpenOffice videos has been released. I recommend all of them to users at any level. They are quick, nicely done and present some great efficiency tips. I think most folks, including advanced Microsoft Office users, will learn something from these tutorials.

If you ever need to create a presentation in hurry, you will want to check out the "Make a slide presentation in a hurry" tutorial.

Topics covered:
(Visit the above Newsforge link - where each presentation has its own link)
  • Installing

  • Creating and formatting text documents

  • Adding graphics to a text document

  • Saving in various file formats

  • Previewing and printing

  • Making a spreadsheet

  • Calculating values in a spreadsheet

  • Basic drawing functions

  • Manipulating images

  • Make a slide presentation in a hurry

  • Adding pictures to slide presentations

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