Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Geocaches New AntiTerrorism Target - Geocachingļæ½puts authorities on edge - Jan 17, 2006

Well, geocachers, you know the country has changed when you have to start watching out for snipers as you place or hunt for caches.

CNN has an article (above link) on how geocaches and "suspicious" folks with GPS units are being tagged as possible terrorists planting suspicious packages. The article cites several incidents where geocachers were met with police and caches blown up because of their suspiciousness.

To be fair, some of these cited locations were at or near airports, bridges and other locations where most folks up the on news might logically shy away from. does have a small notice in their guide to placing caches that reminds folks to keep their caches out of areas that might be suspicious.
Please use common sense when choosing a location for your cache. Do not place your cache in any location where it might be confused with something more dangerous.

Happy hunting! And, I guess, don't find yourself being hunted ;)


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