Tuesday, June 07, 2005

FireFox Extension - Bit torrent Search Engines

Bit torrent Search Engines for FireFox: This site has over a dozen BitTorrent & other file sharing search engines that can be added directly to your FireFox 'google' search bar.

At the link, scroll down to the "Search results" section - click on any of the Search engine links - you will be asked if you would like to add the search to your browser - say 'yes', and your golden.

Tip: After installing, you will find the search engines by clicking on the google icon in the upper right search box of the FireFox browser. Select a search engine - enter your search terms and hit enter.

Tip2: BitTorrent is the new method of file sharing. It works great for finding that TV show you forgot to TIVO (and other not so innocent endevours).


At 29/3/13 09:38, Anonymous Dave (Fan) said...

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