Monday, July 25, 2005

1.6M Daily Tour Viewers (OLN)

Outdoor Life Network -:

OLN (the US cable network covering the tour) has issued a press release detailing viewership...with very positive numbers. Perhaps this will mean MORE CYCLING? (let's hope!)

So 1.6 Million US viewers saw the Tour daily. That may seem like small fry to some - but to me that means there are few more cycling fans than I thought.

"With four stages left to race, OLN’s Tour de France ratings and viewership continue to pace way ahead of 2004’s ratings and viewership. After 18 days, OLN’s gross Tour ratings are up a significant 31% as compared to last year (2.06HH vs. 1.58HH) and gross viewers are up 34% (1,612,243 vs. 1,201,375)."


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