Monday, July 11, 2005

Identify Theft Situation...Avoided

OK - so we all have heard about the recent credit card number thefts & such lately. A couple days ago my bank actually sent me a notice saying that one of my accounts MAY have been involved in one of these incidents (they didn't say which incident, but I highly doubt my bank was the source of the problem).

The amazing thing is that not only did they notify me of the possible issue but they also took the initiative by immediately issuing a new card number and card for the affected account...without me having to do anything or talk to anyone! The new card came only a couple days after their notice about service!

Wow - I know my local is great...but I didn't expect a small town bank to be so on the ball.

From the recent news reports it sounded like everyone had to call their banks and credit card companies to verify if their numbers were involved and actually request a new card be issued. Of course, I didn't bother to do that, as I thought would be a waste of time. Now, I only wonder if my other card companies will be so proactive...or are they waiting for me to contact them? Having to call each of them could be a pain in the rear...

The only problem with my bank automatically reissuing a new account number was that I had to modify a couple automatic online payments. Heck, I'll take that minor hassle over a possible identity theft situation any day.

[I would mention the bank's name...but I would hate for that to somehow open me up to further identify theft issues.]


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