Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pattern Recognition - Oodles of Info

Pattern Recognition on the Web:

For any of you uber geeks/programmers/math junkies, this site is a compendium of great links & resources for information on such topics as:
- Pattern Recognition
- Statistics
- Computer Visiion & Graphics
- Information Theory
- Computational Linguistics

# Smoothing, Approximation, Data-Compression and Fitting
# Differentiation, Sharpening, Enhancement, Caricatures and Shape Morphing
# Moment and Fourier Descriptors of Shape
# Distance, Medial Axis Transforms and Skeletons
# Shape Decomposition, Geometric and Topological Features
# Processing Line Drawings
# Detection of Structure in Noisy Pictures and Dot-Patterns
# Simple Classifiers and Neural Networks
# Bayesian Decision Theory
# Feature Selection: Independence of Measurements, Redundancy and Synergism
# Non-Parametric Learning
# Estimation of Densities, Parameters and Classifier Performance
# Nearest Neighbor Decision Rules
# Using Contextual Information in Pattern Recognition
# Cluster-Analysis and Unsupervised Learning
# Support Vector Classifiers"


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