Monday, July 04, 2005

Vehicle GPS Used for Speed Enforcement

Slashdot | Britain to Pilot GPS Speed Governors

Well, it looks as if the Brits are going to be the first to really attempt using individual vehicles' GPS to monitor and issue speeding tickets. Currently the pilot program is voluntary (today voluntary - tomorrow manditory). Participants will receive a discount off daily tolls/fees if they install the device...

Anyway - it won't be long before every new vehicle comes with a GPS unit and some kind of monitoring technology...Most likely will be the onboard computer storing GPS position/time/etc and making it availablel to police/other on inspection.

I can't wait for all of the "what about the children" arguements that will inevitably be used to justify the use of this new technology to indrude into all of our personal lives & movements.


At 8/7/05 11:36, Blogger Perry Blouin said...

You're right on the money Mike.
Speaking of which... its always about the money.

If they couldn't collect money from these under-handed deals the'd stop and leave us to our freedom.


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