Saturday, July 02, 2005

Xbox Mod - Primary Info/Tut Resource

If you have an Xbox and haven't modded it yet, is the place to start.

Now, there is a LOT of info on this site. Start with the tutorials and read as many as you can stand. If you are not a techno geek and haven't soldered anything in your life, give yourself some time to let things sink in. Your first time can be a bit overwhelming (wink). Anyone with patience and a willingness to READ and follow directions can modify their Xbox.

Modifying your Xbox by installing an additional chip is LEGAL, just as it is (and should be) legal to put a new engine in your car. However, the damn DMCA makes it illegal to do most things to the BIOS.

There are solderless mods that you can do. However, I have no experience with them. So I recommend that you buy a $15 (smallest) soldering iron at radio shack, and the "Xexuter3" mod chip...and read as many of the tutorials as you can find.

Why would you want to modify your Xbox?
- Make & play backup copies of your games
- Play movies WITHOUT having to buy the damn remote separately
- Use it as a computer (I installed MapServer on it and used it to host web mapping applications)
- Put a web browser on it...and surf the Web from your Xbox
- Almost anything else - it is after all a computer...

An example of how modifying your Xbox can serve a LEGITIMATE purpose:
My brother has one of the original series Xbox (version 1). It won't play ANY of the new games that have been released over the last year. However, if he puts a backup copy of the same game into his modded Xbox - he can play the game. Seriously, an original Xbox disc will NOT play in his Xbox. So the mod chip helps fix a DEFECT in the product. How's that for self-help customer support!? When he contacted Microsoft for support on the issue - the answer was to send in the Xbox to replace the DVD drive...for only $150...screw that.


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