Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gmail Exceeds 2GB of Storage (Free)

Welcome to Gmail

Gmail accounts are contstantly increasing in allowed size limits as Google adds addional storage capacity. Currently every Gmail account can have OVER 2,500 Megabytes of storage. (Good luck filling that up, pack rats)

For those not in the know, Gmail is a free web-based email service (similar to HotMail, except I don't get SPAM in Gmail, it is easier to use, has less crap/clutter everywhere, can be checked directly from my FireFox status bar, never expires, and isn't from Micro$oft).

If you don't have a Gmail account and want one...I have 50 invitations - so just post a comment or send me an email and I'll hook you up (I'll need an email address to send you the invitation).


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At 16/8/05 19:14, Blogger Mike Juvrud said...

Mr anonymous SPAMMER can kiss my ass - Spammers can go to hell...

As a result of the above spam intrusion on my blog, only registerd users can post comments. Sorry, but it only takes one jackass to ruin the party for everyone.

Now, if you get really pissed at my little rants, you'll have to register (free & easy) with Blogger.com in order to post your own thoughts.


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