Monday, August 29, 2005

Newest Cyber Celebrity: Cell Phone Thief :: View topic - Long Island Trash....

So this kid steals a camera phone....What's interesting is that
this kid isn't too smart, and takes a whole mess of pictures with it.

The owner of the phone assumes his phone is lost forever...until he checks his email (where the photos are automatically sent - along with the thief's email address & name... haha). Oh, did I forgot to mention that the thief was also crazy enough to use the phone to make a crappy video of him & his girlfriend having sex. (also sent to the owner's email) LMAO!

You can read all the details of the theft, the thief's personal info, pictures, sex vid, ensuing drama and hopefully his arrest at the link provided above.

The original story was originally posted to a forum and has started taking on a life of it's own, as it is now on countless blogs and other sites. This just might be one of those Internet stories that is going to stick for a while (maybe it will even hit Keith Olbermann's Oddball segment).

This story is just too funny.


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