Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Riveting Report of Rescue Efforts

CNN.com - Transcripts: "JEANNE MESERVE"

Most of the U.S. 24-hour news coverage of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina is rehashed bits and clips. But CNN reporter, Jeanne Meserve, provided what has to be the most riveting reports I have heard. It is perhaps the most honest bit of reporting I have heard on this story...

If you didn't get a chance to see and hear the reports on "Newsnight with Aaron Brown" on Monday and Tuesday, I would recommend that you read the transcripts. It gets to the very core of what has turned out to be a horrible, human disaster. Hearing her reports really puts a human face on this - something all the news media's, hyped coverage has totally failed at doing.
As I left tonight, darkness, of course, had fallen. And you can hear people yelling for help. You can hear the dogs yelping, all of them stranded, all of them hoping someone will come.

We are sometimes wacky thrill seekers. But when you stand in the dark, and you hear people yelling for help and no one can get to them, it's a totally different experience.

Tip: Visit the transcript site, and search for the word "Meserve". That will get you to the place in the transcript where you can begin reading her reports.


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