Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ubuntu Linux - Great for Beginners

Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

I admit to being a bit of a Linux newbie. As such, recently someone recommended that I try "Ubuntu" Linux. So I downloaded the DVD, boot-disc version...and it is really sweet. EVERYTHING loaded perfectly from boot and I didn't have to do ANYTHING!

The DVD version is both a boot disc and an install disc. So you can decide whether to install it or simply boot from the CD/DVD. (If you install it, you can choose to keep your current Windows install and dual-boot to either operatin system.)

For now I am just booting from the DVD...and it is really a sweet version of Linux. It comes with all the essentials: an office suite, image editor, web browser, the whole works.

If you haven't had the guts to try Linux and want a very similar experience to Windows, I would recommend that you try Ubuntu. All you need to do it download it, burn it to a CD or DVD (depending on which download you pick), and boot from the disc. I know it's hard to believe - but it just boots right into Linux and you are ready to roll (zero intimidation factor).

(It recognized all my devices automatically and even my printer...I literally had to do NOTHING to get up and running with this distribution - simply amazing)

[Note: I know there are other distributions out there that do the same and possibly better...but Ubuntu really made me feal right at home and wasn't intimidating to start up or use]


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