Wednesday, October 05, 2005

MySQL Ready for Prime Time

MySQL Ready for Prime Time

An excellent article on MySQL for data managers. If you don't know what MySQL is or why it might be a good thing, I would recommend the article - you might be suprised with what you find. (MySQL is free and open source).

Personally I would like to see our local county governments take a closer look at MySQL and other open source solutions for managing their data. If they would only step away from the damn AS400 and move to ANYTHING else... That blasted platform not only costs (I do mean wastes) the county a fortune every year, but the people using it don't have a clue how to do anything with it.

Most of the small counties in my area could get by with a simple Access database. Not that I would recommend it for that purpose - but they aren't dealing with millions of transactions or complicated data models. It's quite sad to see the amount of money thrown at data management every year and there isn't anything they can do with the data once it's been entered.

I better stop this rant before it even starts...

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At 18/10/05 16:21, Blogger sjanedark said...

Hey we had AS/400 at my job. Must be the same one. Yea a bit hard to learn. But now that I learned it we got a thing called Civision which is even worse for the normal employee like me. Everybody complains about the darned thing (Pink Roccade made it I think) I will have a look at MyQsol wanted to know what it was anyway.


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