Friday, September 30, 2005

GIS Standards, Template and Data Models

Geospatial Bluebook Documents - download site

The "Geospatial Bluebook" is a document from that attempts to outline standards, best practices, data templates and other relavant information on everything from parcels and transportation to emergency operations and raster data.

A nice poster outlining the 14 themes covered is available here.

Draft Geospatial Bluebook Description:
The Introduction is a short document that provides an overview of the goals of this effort. The Case Studies section introduces the Application-Driven Design method that was key to developing the Data Theme definitions, but this method will also be useful for tailoring the template design for your own specific needs. The Data Theme and Dataset specifications provide a detailed reference for the proposed information model. As a template, this model is not intended to be a final answer for your specific needs, but it should provide a good starting point for your own analysis and design work.


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