Sunday, September 25, 2005

Student Arrested for Short Story

Zero Intelligence: Student arrested for threatening school with zombie invasion

Back in March 2005, a high school student in Kentucky was arrested for making terrorist threats. This story might not be unusual, except it was because he wrote a short story that had zombies attacking a high school. That's right...ZOMBIES! As of July 28, 2005...the kid is being held on $75,000 bond. WTF!?

This kind of police action really is sickening. Where the hell did common sense go...let alone the freedom of speech. I don't know what to be more wierded out by...the kid's grandparents for bringing it to the attention of the police (sickos) or the police, prosecutor and judge actually trying to make something out of this.

If you think I'm jumping the gun on this one, read the articles and supporting documents. If you can find anything related to terrorist threats, please point it out.

The above link will get you to a blog with all the updates & supporting docs (since the 'real' media wouldn't think of providing follow-up information). The below link will get you to the original news story.

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