Tuesday, September 27, 2005

JSEclipse :: Javascript Editor w/ Code Complete

JSEclipse :: Edit JavaScript with ease.:

I haven't tried this app yet, but I will shortly. If it is as nice as some of the reviews I've seen, it will be great.

One draw back is that it is an extension for eclipse, which is a larger open source development environment, and not a standalone app. (So you'll need to install eclipse first)

My assumption is that this won't necessarily be the best thing for beginners...but will be great for experienced javascript developers. The lack of code completion in JavaScript makes it a real pain the ass to write and debug - maybe this IDE will help make JavaScript a little more fun.
JSEclipse is a freeware Javascript plug-in for the Eclipse environment. Designed to help web developers edit JavaScript files with ease, it has built in support for:

  • Code completion for JavaScript function and classes.

  • Code completion for JavaDoc.

  • Function and class names are displayed in the Outline panel for the currently open file.

  • Open declaration

  • Error reporting

  • Warning reporting

  • Code wrap


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