Monday, November 21, 2005

Access DB - Unreplication Utility

Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)

A few free, and quite nifty (but aging) utilities for Microsoft Access. The 2 utilities that I really enjoy are the "Un-replicator", which removes replication from a replicated database, and the "Replication System Fields Utility", which removes system fields from tables (related to replication).

Note: The "Un-replicator" utility does not import queries, so you'll have to do that yourself after running the utility. Also, it doesn't maintain all of your relational integrity rules, but it does keep the relationships. So you will have to tweak these, which is only a slight drag.

Also, these utilities are from 2002/2003 and thus only work on Access 2000 databases. So make sure your database is saved as an Access 2000 database before running. It MAY work on 2002/2003 databases, but I haven't tested it.

I have successfully used both of the above utilities on a very complicated, replicated, Access 2000 database that was created using Access 2003.

Direct link to the Un-replication utility:
TSI Access 2000 Un-Replicator


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