Sunday, December 04, 2005

Linux for Kids - Edubuntu

Edubuntu - Linux for Young Human Beings

Edubuntu is a version of Linux that is designed for 2-12 year-olds. It is free, fits on a single CD, and comes with a lot of educational games, student/learning applications, productivity/office software and pretty much everything a young student would need.

This version of Linux looks to be something that elementary school IT person should consider for implementation. I tried it out, and it really is perfect for the target age group.

Note: You don't need to use this specific version of Linux to get the applications that it comes installed with. You can download and install these apps separately for your favorite brand of Linux.

Screenshots & Descriptions
of included youth/student-oriented software.

(Edubuntu is a version of the very popular Ubuntu Linux.)

Source: Slashdot Article


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