Thursday, June 09, 2005

ForecastFox - New Version - Must have - forecastfox: index: ForecastFox has become one of my absolute favorite things about FireFox. Current weather conditions, multiday forecasts & even radar images are constantly available.

I like the new feature that actually notifies you when severe weather alerts are issued for your area. So if you're surfing the web & a tornado is heading for your cube - you should have enough notice to backup your data before getting blown away ;)

It is 100% spyware/aware free...and it is slick. All other weather utilities should be avoided like the plague (filled with malicious crap).

"Forecastfox is an extension that brings your local weather from to your Firefox web browser. It is unobtrusive and lightweight, yet can be [heavily] customized..."

"We have a new version with a lot of great changes. We've moved weather providers to AccuWeather.comĀ®. As a result, we have more weather data available, including radar images and severe weather alerts!"


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