Monday, July 25, 2005

BitTorrent Saves the Day

mininova : the ultimate bittorrent source!

Over much of the weekend I was without power due to a bad storm. Normally this would be just an inconvenience - sparing the withdrawal from not having Internet access or being able to dink around on the computer (no whining here :). However, not having power meant not having TV, which meant I missed Stage 20 (individual time trial) of the Tour. Now that is disaster! (oh, right - no whining)

So what is a guy to do with a calamity such as this? Get online when the power comes back (which it did today) and download the "lost" episode of the great epic that is the Tour. Within 5-minutes of getting online, I was able to find the episode (without commercials even!), start downloading...and 6-hours later get my full 3-hour tour fix and knowing that I didn't miss a thing. Ahh the relief. Plus, it was such a great stage.

So for those of you who ever fall into the same boat, and miss an episode of your favorite TV anything - stop by and just download it.

Just remember that you will need a fast Internet connection as a typical download will be ~300-400Mb PER hour of programming. If it's a popular program though you should get it pretty fast. An added benefit is that often - the person (I mean angel) who uploaded the content has already gone through and chopped out all of the commercials.

Remember - to download using BitTorrent you need a BitTorrent program such as Azureus (free) to manage your download.


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