Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bone Marrow Update: Match Results

National Marrow Donor Program

I received a letter from the National Marrow Donor Program today. Unfortunately, I am not a match.

Below is the text from the letter:
"You recently donated blood for further testing. Your blood was tissue typed and compared with the patient's tissue typing. Results indicate that you and the patient are not a match. At this point, no further testing is required from you.

We will add your updated typing information to the computer system for other patient searches.

We appreciate your continued support for this program. Your kindness makes it possible for us to give patients a second change at life..."

I sincerely hope they are able to find a match for this person.

It's been 10-years. Yet, I still remember the sadness & helplessness that sweeps over you and your entire family when everyone must face the reality that a match...a possible cure...will not be found, and your loved one will not survive the disease.

I appreciate that this organization exists and am honored to participate in any way I can. Even though I am not a match for this patient...perhaps I will be for someone in the future. Or even better - another treatment/cure will be found.

If you haven't already, please consider joining the program and being a bone marrow could very literally save someone's life.


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