Monday, July 11, 2005

DIY: Wind Turbine (up to 3.8kW!)

Large 17' diameter wind turbine

How about a di-it-yourself wind turbine! Now that it is an arts & crafts project. This does look like a very fun project. This kind of thing makes a geek want to go buy some tools - perfect for a high school shop and/or science classes.

"This turbine charges a 48V battery bank in 5 MPH winds, is making 400 Watts at 10 MPH, and 1500 Watts in a 16 MPH wind. This photo shows it fully furled, producing maximum power of 3800 Watts. The tail folds up and in during high winds, yawing the machine at an angle to the wind to reduce the massive, exponential, power input increase from high winds. The machine has survived 60+ MPH winds in operation."


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