Tuesday, August 16, 2005

SPAM on My Blog - Who's the Jackass!?


So some jackass spammer got the wise idea to post their dirty little spam messages in the comments of my blog. (see previous 2 posts). More than likely it is an automated bot that discovered my blog allowed posting of anonymous comments.

As a result of this scum, you must now be registered with Blogger.com to post a comment. So if you get pissed enough at my comments to warrant a comment of your own, you'll have to register first. (You can register (free) when you want to post a comment.)

I suppose this was innevitable. But to the bastard who is peddling this trash (and it is trash) - why don't you grow some balls and post your real name and contact info.

There is definately one thing worse than a spammer...someone who buys from a spammer!


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