Saturday, June 11, 2005

MN Original PLSS plat maps - scanned/downloadable

The Public Land Survey System: "This digital collection is a compilation of the state’s original plat maps drawn by the U.S. Surveyor General’s Office over the years 1848–1907. The collection includes later plat maps, up to the year 2001, drawn from surveys conducted by the General Land Office and the Bureau of Land Management.

The original public land survey plats were created during the first government land survey of the state. They serve as fundamental legal records for real estate, as an essential resource for surveyors, and as an analytical tool for the state’s physical geography prior to European settlement. The original public land survey plats are the official legal land records for Minnesota and all property titles and descriptions stem from them.

The collection of Plat maps can be viewed at any time by clicking the 'View the collection' link on navigation bar located on the left-hand side of each screen. You are able to view and download high quality, full color images of the over 3,500 plat maps and associated textual data (tables of meanders appear on the back of some maps). Each plat map is available as a high resolution PDF and a lower resolution resampled PDF. The images have NOT been georeferenced. For detailed information on how the files were produced, see the project documentation ."


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