Friday, June 10, 2005

'Low-Rights' IE 7.0 Only for Longhorn

Microsoft: 'Low-Rights' IE 7.0 Only for Longhorn:

Suprise, suprise...but Microsoft is already positioning the next version of Internet Explorer to work only on the next version of Windows (code name Longhorn). Not that I care...I'm sticking with FireFox. However, this move is certainly going to be used as a marketing hammer to convince novice computer folk that they must upgrade to the next version of Windows.

"The 'low-rights' security feature being planned for Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer 7.0 makeover will be available only in Longhorn.

'Low-rights IE' is a 'defense-in-depth feature' meant to back up and support several security-related browser enhancements, but because it piggybacks on the 'least privilege' feature being introduced in Longhorn, it won't be available for any other operating system, said Rob Franco, lead program manager for IE security at Microsoft Corp."


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