Monday, July 25, 2005

Trick - Improve LCD Resolution

LCD Resolution Trick

I was VERY skeptical of this trick when it was first shown to me. However, holy crap it actually made a noticable difference in the resolution of my monitor (and I've got a good quality LCD monitor here, folks).

So if you have an LCD monitor - take me advice on this one and check out this site. It takes about 2 minutes - and you're eyes will thank you for it.

(The most noticable difference is with text...)


At 22/2/07 21:31, Blogger J.D. said...

The actual website has turned into a "fake site" meaning a search engine company grabbed.
However, all ou need is to go into paintbrush (or any paint program)
Make a 2x2 image.
Upper left pixel black.
Upper right pixel white.
Lower left pixel white.
Lower Right pixel black.
Save as BMP
You should now have a 2x2 black and white checkboard image.
Place it as your desktop background and TILE it.
Remove or hide all desktop items (icons, taskbar, place mouse cursor in upper top right corner to hide mouse as much as possible.
Now hit the auto-adjust feature on your LCD monitor.
After it auto adjusts, bring all your desktop items back.


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