Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Google Maps Selection Box

Implementing a selection box for Google Maps

Another breakthrough from Google Maps hackers - a zoom area tool has been created and released (with the code). The test now is to see how long it takes Google to implement this functionality into its core functionality - I would guess 1 month (about how long it took for the 'hybrid' view to be adopted, which was also a user-first development).

I can envision a day when Google maps is going to have the functionality of MapServer...man, should us MapServer types be worried? Not entirely - but we better pay close attention. Should ESRI be worried with ArcIMS? Well, yes - but they've got a few years left ;)

I wouldn't be suprised if in a couple years Google comes out with a standalone web mapping application.

Google Maps is turning out to be an incredible example of how turning your product over to the geeks of the world is a great thing -for so many reasons. If Google maps is doing nothing else, it is further establishing a very positive and healthy relationship between Google and its users.


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